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Hi, I have a doubt, when a visitor post a question in my site, an email is delivered to the admin account for approval, all fine here, but I want to also an email gets delivered to the moderators, I can't find the exact place where I have to active this.
Is this possible? if so, I can't find the exact place
Q2A version: 1.6

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It is impossible in standard Q2A. Notification Pro supports it.

Admin > NP option > Manage > Someone posted approval required post

Oh I see... well I guess if the site generate some day revenue I will buy that plug... right now is just a hobbie project.

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If you're interested in a free solution, check out Publish To Email.

It's more intended to replicate posts to a mailing list or archive mailbox, so it generates emails on posts by all users (not just visitors), but feel free to submit an enhancement issue to configure sending notifications for visitors vs. registered users.

(Full disclosure: I'm the author of this plugin)