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I'm thinking I'd like to build some closer Facebook Integration into my Q2A instance. Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Users have the option to 'Register With Facebook' (pulls down their full name, profile photo and e-mail address for one or two click registration)
  2. Whether they register through Facebook or not, they can add their Facebook to their profile and give permission.
  3. If they have this setting turned on, it allows them to tick a box any time a question in posted to 'Also post this question on Facebook.'
  4. If they do this, a post with a link to the Q2A post is automatically posted to their Facebook Profile as a link.
  5. The purpose of this is to help the user of the website get the question answered quicker (because of the nature of my audience - students - they generally have a lot of students who are going through the exact same study so it seems to make sense.)

Does anyone like this already exist? I'm not intimiately familiar with the Facebook API so I'm not 100% sure that it's possible - but I'm fairly sure that it is.

Nice concept! I too was thinking on the same terms for a complete Facebook integration and the points mentioned cover most of the aspects of Quora's FB integration. In addition, it would be nice if people can invite their friends to the site.
Its good idea for plugin
Is there any advancement? Has somebody built it already?

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Q2A comes with the option to log in with Facebook, but there is no other integration provided by Q2A or any other plugins as far as I know.

Sounds like a great idea for a plugin though!