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Hi Q2A community,

For those interested, there is a new free plugin called Publish To Email, which allows you to send notification emails to a set of addresses whenever a new post is created.



[UPDATE 2014-10-14 - v1.1 released]

You can use the links below to download the latest stable version: 



  • Select which types of posts (questions, answers, comments) have emails sent
  • Multiple notification email addresses
  • Emails' "From" fields contain original poster, while Sender is the admin email address
  • Bcc to notification addresses instead of using To
  • Configurable prefix in email subject
  • Plain-text or HTML emails
  • Customized styles for HTML emails, using deployed themes or custom CSS files
  • Include content of other posts in the emails (e.g. answers can include the original question; comments can include their parent and the parent question)
  • Limit notifications to categories favorited by the owners of each notification email

This is still a very new plugin, so use with caution, but feel free to open bug/enhancement requests or submit pull requests.



    Notification email for a new question:


  • Notification email for a new answer:

  • Notification for a comment to an answer:


Q2A version: 1.6.3
How can set for all users without entering desire emails in the text box?

I need configuration for all registered users without set emails.
Please help me

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Hi Atvakoli,

1.6.3 is throwing javascript error message on all browsers

Hi truthonlytruth,

Thanks for letting me know.  I'm currently running against 1.6.3, but not receiving any JavaScript errors. The plugin works entirely server-side and has no client-side component other than the configuration page, so JavaScript errors would be a bit surprising. Do you still get the error if you disable this plugin?

It also looks like others have had similar issues with other plugins or themes. Do any of the answers offered at http://www.question2answer.org/qa/15835/unexpected-response-server-please-again-switch-javascript?show=24588#a24588 help with your issue?

If the issue only shows up when this plugin is enabled and none of the methods above fix it, please open an issue against the GitHub project.
When I remove the plugin site works great... when I put the plugin back on start showing that error message, but let me look at those solution and get back to you...
None of those apply my situation... I think your plugin is interfering with another one on my plugin folder... I will take a look at this closely and let you know which one is interfering....
Ok I got this in my error log: [14-Oct-2014 03:35:06 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function qa_post_content_to_text() in /home/mysite/public_html/qa-plugin/qa-publish-to-email-1.0/qa-publish-to-email.php on line 342

which is:

            $text = qa_post_content_to_text($params['content'], $params['format']);
One more thing: Even uncheking the Send all emails as plain-text, after saving it plugin is putting a checkmark to that checkbox...
I did opened a ticket at github... :)
I have commented out this line: $text = qa_post_content_to_text($params['content'], $params['format']);

Start working... :) No problem at all...
This has been fixed by him on github....
Thanks truthonlytruth! The fixes are now in the latest release (1.1). The question has been updated with links.
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Hi Atavakoli,

First one is a new request: Would you please add email notification for profile update, if a user updates that profile, add something, admin get an email.

Second is a GMAIL problem, anything coming from your plugin gmail is marking them as phising emails.....

I use same email address for my site, when I get an new question email from normal Q2A script I do not get that warning, but when I get a comment or answer notification gmail is markin phising email (I believe you set the email in your script diffrently or something has to be added)

Would you please fix that too

Hi truthonlytruth,

Please open issues for the requests above in the GitHub project.

Thanks for your feedback!
Done... #9 and #10 I believe :)