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I am developing a new Notification plugin .

When a new question is asked in a category / tag , this plugin will send an email notification to all users who marked the category / tag as a favourite (star). 

Now available at github - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-email-notification

When a user asks a question all its followers will be notified by email . 

Every features can be controlled from admin panel . 

Suggestions are most welcome .  

You can download it here . https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-email-notification

Please raise a bug report or fork if you want to help q2a community . 

If the plugin helped you please give a star at github that will encourage us to be more creative . 

Thank you all . 

Q2A version: 1.6.2
it seems to only send an email if the user submitting the question is a user NOT anonymous, would this be correct?
Yah . You are correct . The plugin is working only if the question is added by a registered user only .

Your suggestion is also good . Probably I may add this anonymous users question notification and Favorite Question/Answer Notification in Next version .

Thank you for your suggestions .
hi Ami can you please guide me in installing the plugin
Thank you. how to send emails to only the Experts in the category to which the question belongs?

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Thanks Amiya. I liked your Email Notification Plugin . Works perfect for me . Thank you for this nice plugin. It would be cool if @Scot introduce plug-in core of the site q2a 1.7.
Thank you yerbol for your response . :)
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Wooww . Looks cool ..

This is what I was looking since long time . Please send me this plugin . I would love to use this .
Thanks Albert for your response .
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Many Thanks Amiya... Love it!
you are welcome @Funrunna ..
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Nice plugin Amiya. Is it possible to include complete User-name instead of handle(for asked-by section) in the mail notification?
I am glad that this is useful for you . Yes it is possible . Take a look at the code . Feel free to use or modify . All the best .