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Site - umnik.org.ru
Clone, Mirror, Alias - umnik.co.tv
umnik.co.tv - FB doesn't work.
How to make, that alias too worked?

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Alzim i think you need a seperate api code for each site.  I dont know if its possible but maybe you can have the facebook plugin installed twice by renaming it to a facebook2 folder?

I am curious why you run the sites with both domain names for the same site?
i think from an SEO prespective it would be best to use one domain name and have the other forward or redirect to it.

It would probably solve a lot of your development issues down the road.
Where to inscribe App ID and App Secret for facebook2?
The Russian retrieval system Yandex is locked with domains on .co.tv
Yandex - the first searcher in Russia.
The domain umnik.co.tv to be pleasant to me))

Excuse for the bad English
I think you have to wait for Gideon to take a look at this to determine if you can have two seperate facebook plugins, one for each site.  or maybe two sites running off the same database?