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Is there a way to add Facebook page like box on my q2a website. I am talking about the same Facebook page like box that we normally see on any WordPress website.

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Just found the answer for this query.
Go to the developer site of Facebook and copy the like box code from there (both Javascript SDK and HTML). Then log in to your q2a website and then
Admin panel > layout > "custom HTML on side panel on every page" .
There you have to paste first the Javascript SDK code starting with <body> tag and ending with </body> tag. Just after that you have to paste the like box HTML code.
Then visit your homepage and you'll have you Facebook page like box on every page of your website.
Thank god you had copy-pasted the answer over here. The guy who commented to you with the solution mentioned a site. That site doesn't exist anymore.
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Menu Admin -> Design -> HTML


copy an paste facebook code insertion
Thanks a lot for your help @hely rotas, but the exact answer is as I have written below.
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I have created a plugin for this . Please use it . It will give you full controle from the admin panel . No need to copy anything from facebook website for all small changes .

Thread - http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35692/facebook-like-box-new-free-plugin-for-q2a

Get it here - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-facebook-like-box

Thank you .