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I've tested q2a on my local machine. Thus i did a migration on an external site. It works everything except the editor while asking a new question. I've installed other editor plugin such as (cke4, bbcode, markdown, etc...). I cannot see that editors on my chrome 31.0.1650.63 m nor on mozilla firefox 29.0.1 on windows xp. It's incredibly working on IE8.

Some other combination of OS/Browser will show or hide that editors...

I cannot understand how to solve it. Could you help me please?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Your're right. It was all about IE settings... Thank you!
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So you are using now the default IE settings, aren't you ?
i dont know what defaults settings are in IE, generally speaking.
Limited to the Content > Content Advisor settings, yes, they are the default settings.
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I tried to move local Q2A site in my XP + IE8 machine. It seems to be displayed without problem in particular. It was displayed definitely with Standard CK and CK4. Because I rarely use IE, my IE settings will be default. I remember that IE was updated for security in the other day.

Many problems of CK are Javascript errors. In the state that is not displayed, is error displayed at bottom-left of browser? Otherwise, you may be able to investigate with developer tool (F12). For other causes, I am worried about the setting of "Compatible mode" of IE.

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