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I've tested q2a on my local machine. Thus i did a migration on an external site. It works everything except the editor while asking a new question. I've installed other editor plugin such as (cke4, bbcode, markdown, etc...). I cannot see that editors on my chrome 31.0.1650.63 m nor on mozilla firefox 29.0.1 on windows xp. It's incredibly working on IE8.

Some other combination of OS/Browser will show or hide that editors...

I cannot understand how to solve it. Could you help me please?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Strange. Can you post a link to the website with the issue ?
yep! http://www.domanderispostelavoro.studiomiazzo.it/
ask a question is "Fai una domanda"
Ok, only registered users can make questions.
Can you temporarily enable anonymous posts ?
uh sorry... done. now you are able to ask, reply and comment.
Just to exclude any compatibility issues, can you disable (delete from the plugin directory) the q2apro-on-site-notifications plugin ?
plugin disabled but still no editor...
I see you have customized it.
What have you customized ? Only the toolbar ? Modifying the qa-wysiwyg-editor.php ? Any other custom changes ?
Could you restore the original default wysiwyg plugin ?
o really, i did it? now i replaced my folder (/qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor) with the one just downloaded from here (question2answer-latest.zip) but with no results. any other things to do to restore original wysiwyg editor?
i tried removing any editor plugin installed. thus i reinstalled wysiwyg editor. no results. i removed it and tried ckeditor4 + ckeditor4admin.
ckeditor4admin works cause i can see it in my admnistration panel but i cannot see it in the frontend page :(
with ckeditor4 it works, I can see it now
have your wysiwyg plugin php pages been customized ?
which php page is including the MM_preloadImages function ?
now i can see it finally... it was an issue due to a javascript in my sidebar :(
the funny thing is that works on firefox and chrome but, even if it's shown, doesn't work on IE (8) :/
check the origin of the script containing invocations to MM_preloadImages, MM_swapImgRestore, MM_swapImgRestore, MM_swapImage, etc etc...

They look like being inserted using Dreamweaver....
I've seen they introduce a 2nd body declaration :

<body onLoad="MM_preloadImages('http://www.domanderispostelavoro.studiomiazzo.it/qa-images/LogoStudioMiazzo.png ............. ..........
removing that code lines seems to work (only firefox & chrome)!
now i've to understand why wont't work on IE8...
anyway thanks a lot maxjtechno for your preciuos help!!!
i also got IE working well with wysiwyg editor (ckeditor4) in this way:

-) Start IE8
-) Tools -> Internet Options -> Content tab
-) Content Advisor -> Settings -> General tab
-) Make sure Users can see websites that have no rating and Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content are checked. Press OK
-) Click Content Advisor -> Enable
-) F5/Refresh
CKEditor should work without the need of customizing IE8
Your're right. It was all about IE settings... Thank you!
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So you are using now the default IE settings, aren't you ?
i dont know what defaults settings are in IE, generally speaking.
Limited to the Content > Content Advisor settings, yes, they are the default settings.
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I tried to move local Q2A site in my XP + IE8 machine. It seems to be displayed without problem in particular. It was displayed definitely with Standard CK and CK4. Because I rarely use IE, my IE settings will be default. I remember that IE was updated for security in the other day.

Many problems of CK are Javascript errors. In the state that is not displayed, is error displayed at bottom-left of browser? Otherwise, you may be able to investigate with developer tool (F12). For other causes, I am worried about the setting of "Compatible mode" of IE.

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