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Is there some kind of plugin to combat spam like a random question to answer before users can post questions. For example:

Question: Are you human

Answer: yes

Question: what color is the sky

Answer: blue

and so on added all questions can be custom and added by admin.

You can try the stop-spam-plugin, see details here: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/stop-spam

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Have you looked at using KeyCaptcha? It's not as you described with questions, but it's a pretty elaborate tool to prevent bots and spam. The plugin for Q2A is on the add-ons page of the Q2A main site, under the "Integration with other products" section. KeyCaptcha has paid versions as well as a free version.


We use reCaptcha, and it works pretty well. The spam we get are actual humans that spend all day finding forums to join so they can attempt to boost their SEO. There's a plugin for that under the add-ons page as well. 

How do I use KeyCapcha with q2a? There is no plugin for it..
See the photo I just added to my answer.
Thank you I think will do the trick!
I have wrote short post how to fight question2answe spam: http://www.jasom.net/basic-anti-spam-configuration-for-question2answer