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Do you try BOUNTY feature of Stackoverflow in ASKIVE?

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asked Jun 18, 2014 in Plugins by sama55

I equipped ASKIVE with beta release of Point Trade Pro for final test. I got big reaction of professional members of ASKIVE knowing Q2A well. This plugin completely emulates BOUNTY feature of Stackoverflow. Much plugin is simple and tiny things, but this plugin is different. Please experience high-performance plugin beyond the common sense. By the equipment for this plugin, your site will be activated surely. Of course we welcome the beginner of Q2A.

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.6.3
commented Jun 19, 2014 by yerbol89kz
Very very good job. When we can buy?
commented Jun 19, 2014 by sama55
Thank you yerbol. I am writing users manual now. I will release formally next week. Please wait a little longer.
commented Nov 2, 2014 by Stirling
The registration isn't working at your site (multiple 'confirmation emails' all return an error.
Where else can I buy this plugin to test it?

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answered Nov 2, 2014 by Stirling
I would like to buy this plugin to try it out, but when I go to your site I have to register.  So I register but I need to confirm my registration.  I click the link to generate a confirmation email but when the email arrives and I click on it it says: "Code not correct - please click below to send a new link"

After sending 3 or 4 new links I give up.

How can I buy this plugin?
commented Nov 3, 2014 by sama55
I re-test registration process. However, there was no problem. Please inform your account after just registration with contact form.
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answered Jan 29, 2016 by suis
It is so cool plugin. but unfortunately I use this plugin only for 2 days. After install it my site looks very slow so i uninstall it.But  I suggest for improve load performance.