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Some of the point settings are obvious but with the limit ones, i'm unclear - does anyone already have the default points settings for admin to mimick those on stackoverflow ?

To clarify further - does it mean that if i set the upvote to 10 points, and the limit for up votes to +200 that no answer can be upvoted more than 10 times or does it mean that the upvote can be done but the user doesnt get additional points ?  

If so then presumably this function doesnt apply to stackoverflow so i would need to set a very high limit like 99999999 to mimic the same right ?

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http://stackoverflow.com/faq#reputation lists their points.

You can't make everything exactly the same - for example Q2A has the same points for upvotes and downvotes on answers, whereas SO is +10 for upvote and -2 for downvote on answers.

Here's a possible list of values from Q2A that roughly match Stack Overflow to help you out:

Posting a question: 0 points
Selecting the best answer for your question: 2 points
Per up/down vote on your question: ± 5 points
Limit from up votes on each question: +100 points *
Limit from down votes on each question: –20 points *
Posting an answer: 0 points
Having your answer selected as the best: 15 points
Per up/down vote on your answer: ± 10 points
Limit from up votes on each answer: +200 points *
Limit from down votes on each answer: –40 points *
Voting up a question: 0 points
Voting down a question: -2 points
Voting up an answer: 0 points
Voting down an answer: -2 points
Multiply all points: ×1
Add for all users: 1 *

* = personal preference, you may wish to scale that however you like. Personally I start users with 20 points, and give +/- 10 for every vote, with +200/-40 limits.

Thanks for this.
Thanks Scott