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I have been experimenting with this wonderful script and I just noticed that when I provided my buddy with admin status that he can change the email address that gets notified when a question is posted. In other words, I had my email in that box to notify me when a question was posted. When he changed the email address to his, I would see his address, not mine. I guess, it is not a bug, but perhaps an oversight. If there are more then one admin or moderator, it would be nice to allow each to have their own preference as to whether or not to receive notification about new questions. Just my two cents!

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Did you make your friend administrator or super administrator? If it was just regular admin then I see your point - only super admin should be able to change all settings. (Otherwise, there is nothing extra that super admin can do.)

Yeah it would also be good to let all mods/editors choose their subscription preferences in their profile. Although, anyone can subscribe to the feed so you could just use that instead.
The only difference between Super Administrators and other Administrators is that Supers can create other admins. You should never grant admin access to your Q2A site to someone you don't completely trust.
Yeah, I meant to add in my answer that you can set permissions levels with detail so you can make a moderator able to do most important stuff on the site. They just can't change the settings.