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Hi all!

We would like to have our website administrated/moderated collectively by the active users. We thought that it could be a jury system where each member of the jury is choosen randomly each time there is a need for a moderation task.

I mean instead of an admin doing the staff work, I would like to have the users collectively moderate the site according to the following rules.

- Any user could report an item, i.e. question or answer or comment.
- As soon as an item is reported, the system would choose 3 (or some odd number of) users randomly as "jury".
- Each jury member should make a decision on the reported item (or the system will choose another user, again randomly).
- The status of the item is to be changed if and only if there is consensus.
- The owner of the item can object on the decision only once (or a limited number of times).
- If an objection occured, there will be another round as above but with a distinct jury.

Do you think it could be done in q2a? Or do you have any idea how to do it in the code level? Or -better- do you think it is possible to make a plgu-in for it and how? 

Thanks in advance.

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Interesting idea. It could definitely be done via a plugin but it might be a lot of work.

The first part you can use flagging for. Then use an event plugin to choose the 3 people.

Then you'd need a page plugin that each user can visit and see the list of stuff they are to vote on. You'd need a database table linking users to each postid (that same table can store their moderation decision). Possibly another table just storing the postid and the resulting 'decision' once the users have approved/rejected it.

Hope that helps :)
Actually it helped a lot! Now I am more courageous that I could start to implement a plug-in for it. So your answer is indeed a good sketch to begin with. Thanks!