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Hi everyone,

How to delete: "answerED" , "askED" "editED" and "commentED" links? (not the big buttons to answers). I mean the small links that create a lots of others pages  =>

I guess it's somewhere in my new site qa-them-base.php, but where??!

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Although removing the lines you mention in your answer is OK and would get you the results you're expecting, it is not advisable to change any file in the qa-include directory. You can avoid this by modifying your qa-theme.php file by adding this function:

function post_meta_what($post, $class) { }
This way, when v1.7 is ready you will be able to safely upgrade and you know if something doesn't work the issue is only in your qa-theme.php fie :)
Thanks for this advice, didn't think about it. For a similar problem, do you knwo how to fixe this woth users links => http://www.question2answer.org/qa/38805/how-to-delete-users-links-everywhere-but-keep-users-name
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I found it in qa-theme-base.php, delete this (line 1637) =>

    case 'what':
                        $this->post_meta_what($post, $class);


too bad you should not have done from qa-theme-base.php, you were to use qa-theme.php in your theme