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hi guys,


I use qawork theme, I wanna show the user titles- which defined by admin and based on points,-  on the user list  profile page. As default, the user points - like 500 points- and user rank (like admin, super moderator etc.)  seems on user list and user profile page. But I want to show also user titles - like new member, active member etc. - based on points.


How can I do that for both user list and user profile page ?
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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For this I think you need to do some code changes . 

check the cs-layer.php -- > function profile_page($content, $handle) 
Do your necessary changes here . 
Ty Amiya but I'm not good enough about coding.

points, followers, following.. they are seen in profile page. If I can put the user rank on the left on points, It will be good but I couldnt find the code to put. I found the related codes but as i said i dont know what to add.

'', $user['title'], $user['points']['points'],
'' . qa_lang_html('cleanstrap/points') . '',
'' .qa_lang_html('cleanstrap/followers'). '',
'' .qa_lang_html('cleanstrap/following'). '',