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The Blog Post version 3.0 is coming to you with a lot of features some of which were requested by the users who took to test the plugin when it was first released on April this year. So the following are some of the features that I thought I would work on for this version:

  1. Jquery timestamp - for both the articles and their respective comments. This is makes it easier to show when the articles and comments were posted without necessarily having to calculated yourself to wknow when that heppened.
  2. Editing, Hiding, Reshowing and Deleting actions - Now you can not only edit your articles but you can also hide them in case you dont want to make them public and then later you can reshow them whem you feel like doing so. Deleting the articles has been made easier and so you need not to worry about that. You will always delete the articles one touch and not go to the database as I heard some of you say.
  3. Saving Draft - You can save your article as draft while you think of adding more information to it. This comes in hand with the fact that you might want to throw the articles and publish them later maybe you are in a hurry or you are not ready to do so.
  4. Image Thumbnail on the blog homepage - the homepage of the blog used to show aurthor's avatar aligned on the left of the the article preview but now we have moved from that and instead it will be showing the first image in your article as the thumbnail. Upon hovering the mouse on the article preview you should see a small preview of the whole article which has been made possible by the use of the title function.
  5. Slideshow on the blog Homepage - I thought that you might like a simple slideshow on the blog's homepage to show the latest articles from your blog. The slideshow will show the first image in your article. But if you never inckuded an image in the article then you dont have to worry about it, my plugin will use the deafualt image it has.
  6. User moderation - now you can choose who will post to your blog based on their permissions to do so. By default only the administartor will be able to post directly to the blog without being moderated or approved. But for the other users their article will have to be approved by a moderator.
  7. Advanced Admin panel to mage your blog - upon installation of the blog plugin you will see 4 new menu items in the sbnavigation menu of the admin namely:

  • Blog Settings
  • Blog Moderate
  • Blog Widget
  • Blog Stats

For this plugin to work on your site you need to have the Markdown Editor installed on your site. You can download it from here http://codelair.co.uk/2011/markdown-editor-plugin-q2a/


Among the services that you won’t enjoy in the free edition are like:

  1. Commenting on articles
  2. Blog Moderation from admin panel
  3. Slideshow on the blog homepage

For those who wish to download it from https://github.com/JackSiro/Q2A-Blog-Post-Plugin

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Not a single update for the plugin and no comment in the points I made ?
not really sir am busy at the moment with my studies but Av done something. you can check for yourself on the store if you redownload the plugin again
Having to download, install and compare, is not good.

Can't you post an "Update:" text here to let us know what has changed ?

Where can I find the plugin?? The links doesn't seem to work

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Hi guys am sorry I had abandoned this project after encountering a number of frustrations please friends I am back with a better update http://question2answer.org/qa/65504/update-on-the-blog-post-plugin-v4-0. This question will be closed and if you have any issues please check the link above.
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I can't see the article content, prompt [no viewer found for the format: markdown]

install the markdown editor first from http://codelair.co.uk/2011/markdown-editor-plugin-q2a/
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Can you please explain the changes you made ?

It was free, the site and download were broken, you restore site, and download link was still broken.

Now you have a store, stripped the plugin and people have to register to download and also you have an extra premium plugin that does the same that the old broken link one did ?

So, whats the deal now ?

Whats the basic and whats the premium benefits ?


check what I have updated above in the question
Well, all the interest is gone now.

Commenting on articles as premium ? That is the basic thing it should have.

Blog Moderation from admin panel and Slideshow on the blog homepage is not needed by me, I wanted just to post myself, not for a network of blogs or something like that.

You should consider adding comments to at least try the plugin, without that it makes no sense.

In the thread (which you deleted) of the free plugin where all links were broke, comments were included. Bad move.

This is all true and as you say... BAD MOVES!
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The process is too long winded and for something that started off as free?

This was potentially a good plug in and for many of us necessary. But not that necessary until I see good feedback on an improved/real product with real support.

From free to $30 is way too much especially based on how this has worked out so far and we have to use markdown ed to use it?

Thanks, but no thanks!


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I will try to help you make this thing better.

1- After install there are no options in admin.


2- There is no admin layout to publish, I have to add a button in the navigation to publish there. I expected to have an admin section to post from there and edit posts.


3- When I go to publish there are 5 blank categories, so categories are not working. I expect to have a category just for the blog that no other user can use that to post questions.


4- There are no comments, but there is a comments link that links to nothing. If there are no comments in your free version, why do you include a comments link for articles that does nothing ?


5- After publish I get redirected to /user/xxxx/articles and I see there “Recent articles by user” and everything is inserted three times, I see each post three times. So the plugin is triplicating the content inserting it in the database in a bad way.


6- When I publish something, each article gets an image inserted by default and an horrible style having post floating over each other. Why is that image inserted if I did not add any image ?


7- There is no way to add an image to the post, it just accepts external URL for images. I expect to add my own images uploading them from the post editor.


8- After the domain, the plugin adds // for everything. Example: domain.com//user/xxx/articles


9- All the published content is not counted as activity, so in my profile or in the recent activity, nothing is shown.


10- I want to see the complete post, not just the title. You stripped everything, added a BLOG POST IMAGE to everything, no content to read and just a read more and a comments link. The comments link does nothing and the read more takes you to the actual post.


You added a mouse over text preview that is awful, the content should show there, not just a title…


11- When viewing a post, if I click the avatar of the author, it takes you to something like this: domain.com/blog/3/blog_post_test/user/xxxx

Why are you linking like that the avatar ? it should link to the normal user URL, your plugin does not have to change the normal links for a user.


12- If a post has an error and can’t be found, there is no possible way to edit or delete, it will stay there forever, as the post does not load, I can’t delete it or edit it to fix it.


This is for your free plugin I tested in 15 minutes.


Now, the premium one is the same, but it has comments ?


Man, make it free again, lets fix all the problems, I will help you to debug everything and once you probe everything works and give good support, add premium versions with extra functionality or charge for custom work around your plugin.


For now this is not even alpha, has tons of errors and charging for it is not a good idea.


I am here to help, so if you want to take this to the next level, let me know.



@polle... I think you meant "charging for this is NOT a good idea"?
Yeah, the auto corrector played me :)
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I bought premium plugin (zlak@seznam.cz) yesterday and i still dont have link to download...

Where is problem?
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Will you update this or its abandoned ?
I do development work when I get time because I am still on college. So bear with as I make an effort to create time and update the plugin. just give me time.

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Hey Guys my Blog Post Plugin is back check on http://docs.question2answer.org/addons/ and also on https://github.com/JackSiro/Q2A-Blog-Post-Plugin

not work this plugin :/
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great! nice to see this plugin. Many people are looking for this plugin, will test and update you.
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Oh my God, what is this plugin about? I've installed it, and seen a lot of bugs:

1. First of all, when I'm trying to add new article, Publish Article button doesn't work at all. Nothing happens when I click on it! Later, we've fixed this bug by changing some code and database tables, but why it happens?

2. In Admin panel, some of the Blog Settings doesn't work. For example, I want to give permissions to add articles to administrators only, I've selected this option, but nothing changed - registered users still can add articles.

3. If categories are not added, they still exist in Blog sub-menu, as empty links without text! And even registered users can see them! I don't want any categories in my blog at all, but it turns out that I can't get rid of them.

Maybe there is something I can't understand about it? Or is it really this much raw? The only existing blog plugin for Q2A...
not work this plugin :/