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I need an permission strategy for displaying each questions. Thatis every question must be displayed after approved by Admin. Actually need an select box to select enable or disable question for displaying on site. But in the admin menu options the moderate menu has no functionalities. Is there any free plugin for this or give an idea

Please help as soon as possible

Q2A version: version 1.6.3
hai guys any idea ......Please help me. I saw this feature on pligg CMS

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You can enable the moderation of posts on

Admin ---> Spam ---->  "Use moderation for users with few points"

If you want to enable it for all the users, you should set a high value in the "points" textfield (there is not an option to enable it for "everybody"), eg. 999999


It not works.
i think you don't need my exact requirement. My need :  An user posting a question on my q2a site but it not showing on site until admin gave approve. So the new question post only visible to admin and he can decide the question has to be approve or not. Is there any plugin for doing this
It works
Follow the above instructions.
Then try to post as a normal "registered user"
That user, after posting, will receive the following message :
"Your question will be checked and approved shortly. "
The Admin user, on the Admin panel, has now a new "Moderate" panel.
There he has the list of all the posts.
On every post he has 2 options :
1) approve
2) reject
many thanks maxjtechno. It works well :)

q2a is really cool