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This trick is not working proper in Version 1.3.

In the mouse over, along with the question, appears the html tags.

The user is not able to read the question as it shows the html tags also.

Find the screenshot here


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For version 1.3 there have been some changes, because posts can contain HTML. So in qa_post_html_fields(...) in qa-app-format.php, you should now insert these lines to display the content on mouseover:

elseif (strlen($post['content']))
    $fields['title']='<SPAN TITLE="'.qa_html(qa_viewer_text($post['content'], $post['format'], array('blockwordspreg' => @$options['blockwordspreg']))).'">'.$fields['title'].'</SPAN>';
... inserted after ...
if ($microformats)
    $fields['title']='<SPAN CLASS="entry-title">'.$fields['title'].'</SPAN>';
Second, you need to ensure that more full information about the posts is retrieved from the database wherever you show a question list. You should change qa_db_posts_basic_selectspec(...) in qa-db-selects.php - move the following lines outside of the if ($full) {...} block they are in:
$selectspec['columns']['content']='BINARY ^posts.content';
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Cool gidgreen, It worked liked a charm.

Im loving it...