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Hello All , 

I have developed a new premium plugin , where a logged in user can ask a question by hiding his identity (Note - Special users can see who have asked the question ) .  This is one of the best plugin I have made for q2a . 

Why you need this - 

Most of the q2a websites dont like to unregistered users to ask a question .

There might be several reasons for that , some times to avoid spam , some times to avoid unetical question . 

On the other hand , so many users want to ask a question by hiding thier original identity for other users (question without showing their username )

The default q2a system , it is allowed to ask a anonymous question only at logged out state (only if allowed from the Admin)

This plugin is a fills the gap . 

This allows registered users (ofcourse loggedin state ) to ask a anonymous question . 

It adds a checkbox in the askform , which can be checked by the user if the user want that question should be a annomous post . 

Also there will be a button on the question page to mark the post as anonymous for the eligible users . Also it can be unmarked which will show back the original user name anytime when ever the user wish to do so . 

Advantages - 

  1. Not a single core hack 
  2. No changes in the post database . 
  3. The changes will vanish once the plugin is uninstalled 
  4. Special users can see who has asked the anonymous post 
  5. Special users can mark/unmark any post as anymous (can be disabled from admin pabel )
  6. reduce in question count for the user profile 
          ie no of que = total no of q - anonymous posts 
  7. Option to hide user name of the asker in the subscquent comments oh his own anonymous post . 
  8. minumum point required to ask a anonymous post (can be configured from admin panel )
  9. button to clear all the anonymous flags at a single click from admin options 
  10. high performance (less aql queries per page load )

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Screenshots - 

In the Ask form - one field is added 

in the question page 

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Q2A version: 1.6.3
This issue has been resolved
If a question pending for moderation and when admin approve it. Name opened. Please fix the problem
This issue has been resolved in recent update
Works fine. Thanks a lot.

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Changes in version 1.4.1

  • Fixed avatar issue in Q2A 1.7.*

  • Fixed showing the anonymous option if before category option is chosen when q2a does not use category

  • Fixed showing the anonymous option if before tags option is chosen when q2a does not use tags

  • Fixed Admin option when q2a does not use tags or category

  • Minor improvements and code refactor 

  • Added support for Poll plugin

  • SQL optimization by caching the information for anonymous posts 

Changes in version 1.4

  • Added reset option
  • added option to re arrange the checkbox position - After Question title, Category, After content, After tags
  • lang fixes
  • Bugs fixed when no avatar is shown
  • Styling update for SnowFlat
  • Styling improved for all themes
  • Performance improvements by optimizing the SQL Queries
  • CSS link fix for HTTPS sites
Nice update bro... :)
Thanks ...........
The domain is not available, where else can I find the plugin?