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Hello All , 

I have developed a new premium plugin , where a logged in user can ask a question by hiding his identity (Note - Special users can see who have asked the question ) .  This is one of the best plugin I have made for q2a . 

Why you need this - 

Most of the q2a websites dont like to unregistered users to ask a question .

There might be several reasons for that , some times to avoid spam , some times to avoid unetical question . 

On the other hand , so many users want to ask a question by hiding thier original identity for other users (question without showing their username )

The default q2a system , it is allowed to ask a anonymous question only at logged out state (only if allowed from the Admin)

This plugin is a fills the gap . 

This allows registered users (ofcourse loggedin state ) to ask a anonymous question . 

It adds a checkbox in the askform , which can be checked by the user if the user want that question should be a annomous post . 

Also there will be a button on the question page to mark the post as anonymous for the eligible users . Also it can be unmarked which will show back the original user name anytime when ever the user wish to do so . 

Advantages - 

  1. Not a single core hack 
  2. No changes in the post database . 
  3. The changes will vanish once the plugin is uninstalled 
  4. Special users can see who has asked the anonymous post 
  5. Special users can mark/unmark any post as anymous (can be disabled from admin pabel )
  6. reduce in question count for the user profile 
          ie no of que = total no of q - anonymous posts 
  7. Option to hide user name of the asker in the subscquent comments oh his own anonymous post . 
  8. minumum point required to ask a anonymous post (can be configured from admin panel )
  9. button to clear all the anonymous flags at a single click from admin options 
  10. high performance (less aql queries per page load )

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Screenshots - 

In the Ask form - one field is added 

in the question page 

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Q2A version: 1.6.3
But it shows users profile pic and profile link
Where it shows the profile pic and link .

It will only visible to the admin if choosen from admin panel . The default profile picture will be shown as defined from the admin panel.
And in which theme you are getting this error ?
I got the issue. This is due to the deprecated method post_avatar() . Thanks for addressing. I will fix it and send .
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on FlatBox theme. please send me...
The issue has been fixed and plugin has been sent to all the users who have purchased this plugin.
It works. thank you...
If you have signatures enabled on your site, this will identify the user unfortunately even if posted anonymously. I have switched off signatures in questions which solves the problem. But it would be nice to be able to have signatures in questions that are not posted anonymously. Thanks.
Sorry. There's another issue. If a user answers a question that has been asked anonymously, the main question list page displays the default avatar and says answered by anonymous. When it should display the name of the user that answered the question and the avatar of the user that answered the question.
I will check on this...
@bluegenel , this issue has been fixed and the plugin has been sent
Thank you Ami. Upon testing myself I can confirm this issue has been fixed.
Sorry to be a pain. But there is another issue. If you go into 'My Updates' at the top of the page. Then click on the My Favorites tab. Anonymous questions appear in the list. So if you've only got one user as a Favorite it would be easy to identify that user this way. I would suggest that anonymous questions do not appear in the My Favourites tab at all. Thanks.
Can't find the plugin...!!!
This issue has been resolved
If a question pending for moderation and when admin approve it. Name opened. Please fix the problem
This issue has been resolved in recent update
Works fine. Thanks a lot.

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Changes in version 1.4.1

  • Fixed avatar issue in Q2A 1.7.*

  • Fixed showing the anonymous option if before category option is chosen when q2a does not use category

  • Fixed showing the anonymous option if before tags option is chosen when q2a does not use tags

  • Fixed Admin option when q2a does not use tags or category

  • Minor improvements and code refactor 

  • Added support for Poll plugin

  • SQL optimization by caching the information for anonymous posts 

Changes in version 1.4

  • Added reset option
  • added option to re arrange the checkbox position - After Question title, Category, After content, After tags
  • lang fixes
  • Bugs fixed when no avatar is shown
  • Styling update for SnowFlat
  • Styling improved for all themes
  • Performance improvements by optimizing the SQL Queries
  • CSS link fix for HTTPS sites
Nice update bro... :)
Thanks ...........
The domain is not available, where else can I find the plugin?