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version 1.0
- version 1.2 - Latest

Hey everybody!

I'm here to announce that AVEN theme has finally been released! [we're live]

Live demo: Aven Online
Purchase: Get AVEN theme

After all the work that has been done, it's finally here with a Bang! 
The Cleanest and most Elegant theme from Gold Developer's vault.

Thanks for all the love and feedback on Frapuchino and Muffin theme as well. As a retribution, AVEN theme will be on discount until the end of the month (March 31, 2020 ).

People who have purchased Frapuchino until today (18-03-2020), will also have a 10€ discount on AVEN theme. Just contact me first before placing an order.

AVEN theme is:

  • Fast
  • Elegant
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Shape-Shifter
  • Malleable
  • On Fire!!
  • & More

Check it for yourself

Live demo: Aven Online
Purchase: Get AVEN theme

Demo user: Taylor
Password: 12345678

Desktop version is more attractive than the mobile version.

I am interested in buying the theme but one think on the mobile version error message on login/ register page is not coloured. Please correct it and also check carefully for all the functionality at your end.
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Hi Chun, there is an issue with large URLs on mobile while editing a post. The editor gets widened and user cant submit the post. Kindly fix.

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AVEN 1.2 is here!

Live Preview - AVEN Online
Purchase theme - Buy AVEN

Aven theme 1.2 screenshots

With the new responsive mobile design, Mobile X is no longer part of this theme package.
Don't worry, if you acquired Aven before today, you will still get free theme updates for Mobile X.

Mobile X is now an individual theme, and can be purchased as a single item in the Gold Developer shop.

Live Preview - AVEN Online
Purchase theme - Buy AVEN

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Wow! It's very nice theme.
Thank you @Enolez :)
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AVEN theme has now been released!

Get your discounted copy of AVEN theme today! 
Discount only available until the end of the month (March 31, 2020 ).

Hurry up and get a fresh new professional look for your website for a cheaper price before it's too late!

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Hi gold!

As a sugestion, you should develop a theme similar to quora (more social, with posts like facebook/quora)! Id be nice and different! very engaging!

Hey Lipsmega,
The aim for this one was to make it more social like, but still have this Q2A kind of feeling. I didn't want to push it too far, because I didn't know how people would embrace it, but it's nice to hear some feedback. Maybe for the next theme to come I'll go crazier with the design concepts. Thanks :)
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the login details does not work, Does it support rtl websites ?
Thanks for noticing. Some funny guy changed the password. It's back to normal now.
Yes, the theme supports right-to-left styles. I forgot to add it as a screenshot as well.
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It looks amazing, very useful theme for my blog.
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Is the aven mobile theme the same as the frapachino mobile theme?
Hey there Kitten,
Yes, as I previously mentioned on a post here on Q2A, I'm focusing on making Frapuchino's Mobile theme a unit of its own. It's gonna be called 'Mobile X' and can be purchased separately. This way I can focus my time and efforts perfecting and running performance diagnostics in one theme, instead of bouncing around and getting little to no things done, in a long term.

But with the new Frapuchino update coming up, a more suitable design is being developed for the Main theme,  so you can opt to use Frapuchino's Main theme as the mobile theme for your website, or use Mobile X.

For Aven theme the design looks pretty much the same, so no changes will occur at the moment, but will see in the future when new updates start coming and I feel it's necessary to keep up with the new desktop looks.

Mobile X will basically be a lighter, performance-oriented, second option you can chose.
Either if you like the looks better, or you have a slow web server, and/or feel that having a lighter, fastest website is more important to deliver information.
okay thanks for the information
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I want to buy your theme.how can I get in touch with you for more detailed information.
Hey there @Davin
There's a more detailed information page here - https://heliochun.github.io/shop/aven/
I've also sent you a message with my email if necessary.