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hi every body

i design on theme with 3 different color now i want to make it one theme with color Switcher

i downt know PHP very much , can u help me please?

i just want to put 3 style file in theme folder and when users click on color button theme Switch to that color
Q2A version: 1.6

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Basically, I think PHP and Javascript skills are essential to do it. But... since "Theme Switcher Plugin" of NoahY is very old, I do not know plugin moves correctly. If this plugin moves correctly in your Q2A version, you may be able to realize your hope with "multi" theme. You may be able to share theme layer program (qa-theme.php) between themes with "symbolic link" of linux OR "require_once" sentence of PHP.


Example (See design changer of right-bottom):

thanks very much sama
is there any way to move theme Switcher from profile to header or footer ?
like this vb forum : http://iranfilm205.com/forum/
u can change the color at the top left of theme
it is using theme Switcher too
thnak u
You can deal with it by remodeling NoahY's program. However, you must have knowledge of programming of PHP and Q2A...

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