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Q2A Blog tool is a premium blog plugin which enables Blogs like wordpress in Question2Answer websites.

With this plugin, you can allow your users to post new blogs on your website. Your users get nice content from community and you start engaging more audience.

. The key features are -

  1. Users can post blogs on the website
  2. All posts can be edited , hidden , hidden , commented , moderated
  3. Facility of creating a draft post which can be published later . Untill published no other users (Except Moderator , Expert and Admin ) can see the post . Special users may have permission to Edit or Publish or Delete the Drafts
  4. Email notification on commenting and when a post goes to moderation queue
  5. Full customization of All the features from admin panel 
  6. separate tags , categories , Sub Categories for blogs
  7. Posts page for all category and tags
  8. you are free to choose editor of your choice 
  9. Mark , unmark a post as featured , and a special featured page
  10. permission based . Admin can set restrictions on posting blogs 
  11. Closing posts . Once closed post will not accept any comments 
  12. Hide , reshow blog posts and delete posts
  13. Moderate the blogs , Approve and Reject posts 
  14. Search Module – You can all the Search Blog posts 
  15. Not even a single core hack
  16. Very simple Installation
  17. Compactible with 1.7 and 1.6.3
  18. flexibility to choose your own base URL for blogs such as (blogs , notes , posts) what ever 
  19. And Many more 

Changes in 1.2.2 

  1. Added Related posts widget 
  2. Added Recent Posts widget 
  3. Updated category error message 
  4. Show/Hide comment count on post page 
  5. Show post count on user profile page 
  6. Improved stats reindexing 
  7. Several bug fixes and performance improvements 

Changes in 1.4.2

  1. added XML SiteMap for blog posts , blog categories and tags 
  2. Improved SEO with XML Sitemaps  
  3. added Ads widget on all blog pages 
  4. added ads before blog post and after blog post 
  5. added category page link suggestions 
  6. added masonry page layout . Looks pretty good even if the posts are of different height on Featured blog post 
  7. added Recent comments widget 
  8. added separate options for choosing number of posts in featured page 
  9. added ability to view / hide post edited / hidden and reshown messages 
  10. better look in Snow theme 
  11. Enhancements on SnowFlat theme 
  12. Better compactibility with 1.6.3 
  13. Few other bug fixes and performance improvements 

Changes in 1.4.5

  1. Drafts link fix 
  2. Drafts page permission fix 
  3. Canonical URL fix 
  4. improved SEO 
  5. Several other minor bug fix and performance improvements 

Changes in version v1.5.0 

-  Profile bug fix if the user has not confirmed his email address 
-  Warn on leave if the user has not submitted the post /comment 
-  Fixed Admin Blog/moderate page new moderate post reject botton 
-  Fixed layer issue in Q2A Version 1.7 
-  Added Cleanstrap theme support 
-  Added Donut theme support 
-  Added Smart autoload which loads the older q2a files automatically without any extra configuration 
-  Added Fix for URL structure which support to configure the plural page 
-  Added one click delete option in the posts 
-  Removed unwanted dev code

Changes in version v1.5.1 
-  Improved CSS file selection logic
-  Improved layout for Cleanstrap theme
-  Fixed masonry layout for heavily loaded images

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Few screen shots 

1. Admin Panel Posting options 

2. Admin Panel Viewing 

3. Admin Panel Permissions 

4. Admin panel - Categories 

Download now

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Q2A version: 1.7
Yes it does create separate tables for blogs.
Yes the plugin should work with network configuration.
As your websites are having different table prefixes then it will create separate tables similar to q2a.
Great! thanks. add this as a key feature in above list.
Issue 1
"Mark , unmark a post as featured , and a special featured page" although this featured
is mentioned above , i can not see anywhere to mark article as featured article in post article link.

Issue 2
I have chosen post classifiation as Tags & category in Admin Side , so when i post an article i get choice of
category as well as i have place to write tags,
but after post is published i do not see categories option on right hand side of blog as demonstrated in demo of blog.
Hi Ami, I am using your plugin , i could not see flag option( in Article page as it is  question and answer page, Its good that it allows user of questionandanswer to login as same user in blog section, but when user submits post, the score is not increasing, its 100 point alwasy no matter how many blog post you publish, Is there any fix for above two issues, Ami , expecting your reply?

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Is the Plugin still working?
yes, but I'm not sure if it is available to buy.