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Q2A Blog Tool Plugin - Ultimate Blogging Solution for q2a -> Now 1.6.2

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asked Jan 4, 2015 in Plugins by Ami
edited Sep 6 by Ami

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Q2A Blog tool is a premium blog plugin which enables Blogs like wordpress in Question2Answer websites.

With this plugin, you can allow your users to post new blogs on your website. Your users get nice content from community and you start engaging more audience.

. The key features are -

  1. Users can post blogs on the website
  2. All posts can be edited , hidden , hidden , commented , moderated
  3. Facility of creating a draft post which can be published later . Untill published no other users (Except Moderator , Expert and Admin ) can see the post . Special users may have permission to Edit or Publish or Delete the Drafts
  4. Email notification on commenting and when a post goes to moderation queue
  5. Full customization of All the features from admin panel 
  6. separate tags , categories , Sub Categories for blogs
  7. Posts page for all category and tags
  8. you are free to choose editor of your choice 
  9. Mark , unmark a post as featured , and a special featured page
  10. permission based . Admin can set restrictions on posting blogs 
  11. Closing posts . Once closed post will not accept any comments 
  12. Hide , reshow blog posts and delete posts
  13. Moderate the blogs , Approve and Reject posts 
  14. Search Module – You can all the Search Blog posts 
  15. Not even a single core hack
  16. Very simple Installation
  17. Compactible with 1.7 and 1.6.3
  18. flexibility to choose your own base URL for blogs such as (blogs , notes , posts) what ever 
  19. And Many more 

Changes in 1.2.2 

  1. Added Related posts widget 
  2. Added Recent Posts widget 
  3. Updated category error message 
  4. Show/Hide comment count on post page 
  5. Show post count on user profile page 
  6. Improved stats reindexing 
  7. Several bug fixes and performance improvements 

Changes in 1.4.2

  1. added XML SiteMap for blog posts , blog categories and tags 
  2. Improved SEO with XML Sitemaps  
  3. added Ads widget on all blog pages 
  4. added ads before blog post and after blog post 
  5. added category page link suggestions 
  6. added masonry page layout . Looks pretty good even if the posts are of different height on Featured blog post 
  7. added Recent comments widget 
  8. added separate options for choosing number of posts in featured page 
  9. added ability to view / hide post edited / hidden and reshown messages 
  10. better look in Snow theme 
  11. Enhancements on SnowFlat theme 
  12. Better compactibility with 1.6.3 
  13. Few other bug fixes and performance improvements 

Changes in 1.4.5

  1. Drafts link fix 
  2. Drafts page permission fix 
  3. Canonical URL fix 
  4. improved SEO 
  5. Several other minor bug fix and performance improvements 

Changes in version v1.5.0 

-  Profile bug fix if the user has not confirmed his email address 
-  Warn on leave if the user has not submitted the post /comment 
-  Fixed Admin Blog/moderate page new moderate post reject botton 
-  Fixed layer issue in Q2A Version 1.7 
-  Added Cleanstrap theme support 
-  Added Donut theme support 
-  Added Smart autoload which loads the older q2a files automatically without any extra configuration 
-  Added Fix for URL structure which support to configure the plural page 
-  Added one click delete option in the posts 
-  Removed unwanted dev code

Changes in version v1.5.1 
-  Improved CSS file selection logic
-  Improved layout for Cleanstrap theme
-  Fixed masonry layout for heavily loaded images

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Few screen shots 

1. Admin Panel Posting options 

2. Admin Panel Viewing 

3. Admin Panel Permissions 

4. Admin panel - Categories 

Download now

See in Demo

Q2A version: 1.7
commented Sep 25 by ProThoughts
@ami, good to know you updated this plugin. Many people were looking for stable blog plugin. thanks!
commented Oct 9 by ProThoughts
@ami, I assume this plugin creates separate tables for blog post in db. but if same db is used for multiple q2a network site, will this plugin work? mean create diff blog tables for each site?
commented Oct 9 by Ami
Yes it does create separate tables for blogs.
Yes the plugin should work with network configuration.
As your websites are having different table prefixes then it will create separate tables similar to q2a.
commented Oct 9 by ProThoughts
Great! thanks. add this as a key feature in above list.

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answered Jul 16, 2015 by Ami
edited Jul 24, 2015 by Ami

New version of this plugin has been released .

Changes in version v1.5.1 
-  Improved CSS file selection logic
-  Improved layout for Cleanstrap theme
-  Fixed masonry layout for heavily loaded images 

Changes in version v1.5.0

-  Profile bug fix if the user has not confirmed his email address
-  Warn on leave if the user has not submitted the post /comment
-  Fixed Admin Blog/moderate page new moderate post reject botton
-  Fixed layer issue in Q2A Version 1.7
-  Added Cleanstrap theme support
-  Added Donut theme support
-  Added Smart autoload which loads the older q2a files automatically without any extra configuration
-  Added Fix for URL structure which support to configure the plural page
-  Added one click delete option in the posts
-  Removed unwanted dev code

commented Jul 16, 2015 by Gurjyot Singh
Awesome work broda... :)
commented Jul 16, 2015 by Ami
Thanks               .
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answered Jul 26, 2015 by SN

Thank you for this great plugin !

Is it possible to define an editor for the blog posts which is different from the one used in questions and answers ? For exemple for questions and answers I use the "markdown editor" and for the the blog posts I use the WYSIWYG editor. Is this possible ?
commented Jul 26, 2015 by Ami
Yes It is possible to choose your favorite editor you wish for the blog and blog comments . Completely customization .
commented Jan 18, 2016 by Edzai Zvobwo
WHere can I change the 8000 character limit for the blog?
commented Jan 18, 2016 by Ami
There is no configuration for changing the content length of blogs on the fly. It uses the default configuration of q2a max length while creating the table .

define('QA_DB_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH', 10000);

You could try changing that from qa-plugin.php and then reinstall the blog tool plugin ( no warranty on this , please try this on your local machine before going to prod) . Also it affects the Q2A's table configuration also .

Please note that, it is not recommend to keep the column size more than 8000 as it may exceed the max row size of MySQL table. Doing so may decrease the MySQL query performance. I would suggest you to make necessary performance testing before you go to prod server .
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answered Oct 11, 2015 by Ami
reshown Sep 1 by Ami
Now the blog plugin is on sale . It is available at 35$ . Offer for limited period only
+1 vote
answered Feb 5, 2016 by joseph


I just bought Blog plugin, but i am not able to see the following tabs and sub-nav-links in my site.

do i need to enable something to see them or its an error , help me with this problem 


commented Feb 5, 2016 by Ami
For showing this link , you need to add them from admin/pages section.

Login in into your website and visit to admin/pages section.

Then Click on the add link link against the Blogs page

Then add it to desirable position.
0 votes
answered Feb 10, 2016 by joseph


I have added the extra field from admin tools, nut what i am looking is for adding one more extra field , how can i do that ?? 

commented Feb 10, 2016 by Ami
Q2A Blog tool does not have options to add multiple extra fields on the new blog form .

This needs customization on the plugin or may need to write another plugin for making this work.

And this can not be free support. For paid support please PM me.
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answered Mar 16, 2016 by arjunsuresh
I like blog-tool mainly because it uses exact Q2A structure. I have some bugs/feature requests though:

Comment upvotes don't show up unless clicked.

No option to vote up a blog- I suppose this should be like a Q2A post so that users can express their likeness for a blog post.

There is option to save a blog as draft- but can a normal user view his own draft blogs? May be I'm missing some configuration.
commented Mar 17, 2016 by Ami
User can see their draft under their profile page. I will take a look at your other suggestions.
commented Mar 17, 2016 by arjunsuresh
Thanks :) That's quite useful..
commented Mar 19, 2016 by arjunsuresh
Sorry. I have more requests :)
On the blog page when I do mouse over, it shows description of the respective post number and not of the blog post. Can this be handled? - I guess it is an issue of mouse over plugin not handling blogs.

Also, can I get the recent blog widget on the q2a side bar? its very much needed as no one really is getting updated of blogs :(
commented Apr 2, 2016 by arjunsuresh
That was an easy fix- I managed it :)
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answered Jul 22, 2016 by hwsamuel

I bought this but am having various issues with it. I am using the Donut theme.

  • The search box doesn't show any results containing blog posts
  • There is no widget to show blog tags
  • The tags and categories of the blogs are not integrated with the Q2A tags and categories
  • I had the comment voting plugin as well, and after installing the Blog Tool, the voting arrows occasionally disappear
commented Jul 22, 2016 by arjunsuresh
First 3 are expected behavior.
Solution for 1 would be to use Google custom search.
Solution for 2- no idea as of now.
Problem 3- this can be useful as well as questions and blogs can follow slightly different categories.
Problem 4- I also have this issue, again no idea how to fix.
+1 vote
answered Aug 26, 2016 by arjunsuresh
I'm getting this error when I delete some comments. What would be a good fix here?

PHP Question2Answer MySQL query error 1406: Data too long for column 'event' at row 1 - Query: INSERT INTO qa_eventlog (datetime, ipaddress, userid, handle, cookieid, event, params) VALUES (NOW(), '', NULL, NULL, NULL, 'qas_blog_c_delete_before', 'postid=278\tparentid=61\toldcomment=array(42)\tparenttype=B\tquestionid=61'), referer: http://gateoverflow.in/blog/61/?show=278
commented Aug 27, 2016 by Ami
Hi Arjun,  I will fix this bug in later version. For the time being you can skip it to be logged into event loger -

if($event=='qas_blog_c_delete_before') return;
commented Aug 27, 2016 by arjunsuresh
Thanks. I'll do so :)
0 votes
answered Nov 13, 2016 by mehmethocqm1
Where can I find the plugin?? The links doesn't seem to work
commented Nov 13, 2016 by arjunsuresh
I'm using this one - blog tool. But it is paid. It is designed similar to Q2A, so users can use it like they are posting on the site and categories etc are separate for blogs.

1. If you prefer to use the same category for blogs, this can be handled by a simpler plugin. You can allow users to post a question as blog and filter this from the question page and create a new blog page for this.
2. The blog tool plugin does most of the required jobs we expect of a blog and is fully customizable. Some bugs are there though. But mostly fine.
3. Other option is to integrate the site with wordpress, joomla etc, but this depends on your site needs.
commented Nov 13, 2016 by mehmethocqm1
Thanks @arjunsuresh

Actually, I like this plugin very much. (http://demo.q2astore.com/blog/blogs)
but for now the site is closed. @ami's not answering.

The other option is I can use it with Joomla.
 But I don't know how to integrate to Joomla?
Can i do?
is there a good document?
commented Nov 13, 2016 by arjunsuresh
oh. okay. He might be off- but he was here couple of days ago. Joomla integration is supported in Q2A 1.8. But I haven't tried - not sure of the documentation available. It should be there I guess.
commented Nov 13, 2016 by mehmethocqm1
Thank you very much @ arjunsuresh
really helps me
I have one more question:) for SEO which is an add-on that you recommend?
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answered Sep 1 by Ami
edited Sep 2 by Ami

The version 1.6.2 is out for this plugin, here is the release notes

Changes in version v1.6.2

  • Added next / previous button for the blog posts
  • Fixed the Ads widget
  • Added recent comments page
  • Re-organized the source code files
  • Added nested comments, which allows users to reply to certain comments in a threaded manner (Limitation, as of 1.6.1 the user can submit only one reply. If he clicks twice, it becomes a normal commit.)
  • Fixed comment count issue if the post have some hidden comments
  • Fixed static content loading issue when version upgrades
  • Fixed issue comment edit, show and hiding for 1.8 version of q2a
  • Fixed js issue with q2a 1.8 (was due to jQuery upgrade)
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed the version upgrade issue for fresh installations
  • Fixed issue while creating multiple subcategories
  • Improved script for ajax calls
  • Added Comment and replies. Now replies to a comment will be shown in nested fashion
  • Lang fix for the blog draft admin
  • Fix for the warn on leave for the Donut theme
  • Fixed search bar for the Donut theme
  • Fixed event when a post is published from draft
  • Redirect to correct URL if the post title has changed
  • Fixed the layout issue
  • Fixed PHP warning on Moderate page
  • Fixed permission issue on Q2A 1.8
commented Sep 2 by arjunsuresh
Is this version available for previous buyers?
And IPv6 support?
commented Sep 2 by yerbol
Donut theme don't work in PHP 7.2 version. Error count()