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(using Official release of qa1.7)

This issue might have already been mentioned by some other means or persons, but just thought to make sure will be addressed.

Open your qa1.7 in a desktop browser and narrow the screen which switched the FlatSnow to mobile view. You will see the side bar gets too squeezed!

PS. to see the side bar scroll all the dawn to the bottom of the page

Q2A version: qa 1.7

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Thanks, this has been fixed on the Github dev branch and will be in 1.7.1.
I just checked the dev and noticed you made changes on so many lines of the css files! Thank you for taking the time
The specific change for this issue is here: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/commit/fb7ea8e47ebd8e7dea15c093d65322ff9a4b4bb5
Just two lines. While doing that I noticed that many media queries are repeated right after each other so they could be combined. That work is in a separate commit.