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As the title says, the q2a-badges by NoahY breaks down in the User page of Donut, SnowFlat and FlatBox themes. Please see the screenshots below. The first one is for Donut, the second one is for SnowFlat and the third one is for FlatBox.




Anyone have any idea to fix this problem please?

Q2A version: 1.7

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I guess what you don't like in SnowFlat are the horizontal lines. You can remove them by adding these CSS rules to your qa-styles.css or maybe the badge plugin options:

.qa-part-form-badges-list td.qa-form-wide-label {
    border: 0;

.badge-user-table {
    vertical-align: top;

The result is more or less this:

Thanks. It solves the problem in SnowFlat. But what about the FlatBox? This doesn't fix the FlatBox theme. Any idea for that?