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Extended version changelog:
Version 5.2.2

  • Swapped JS algorithm to group badges by type, to a PHP solution.
    (To reduce Javascript implementation.)
  • JS code improvements.
  • Structural Work.

Download - GitHub
Live demo - Q2A Badges Demo 
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I love the new look, but for some reason the badge options aren't saving to the admin panel for me. I was forced to downgrade, do you think it's an issue with the plugin or maybe just an issue with my server?
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Thanks for noticing this. I have pushed a fix - https://github.com/rxchun/q2a-badges
I've also updated Polaris theme with a fix for that page. Check emails.
Thanks for fixing. I really appreciate all you do for the platform!
The badges page seems to have some styling issues for me on the latest version. Can you replicate the issue on snowflat?

https://ibb.co/ySp4MWG (screenshot)