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I am using the Badges Plugin. I am trying to understand how to update the Badge Names.
1. What does the qa-badge-lang-default.php language file do? I have updated it, and I am not seeing any change to the website. For example: I replaced the following:
'nice_question'=>'Nice Argument',
Expecting the Badge name to be "Nice Argument" but it is not changing. I understand that I can change them one at a time in the admin area. Do I have to update them one at a time?
I cant update the badge description thought from within the admin area anyway, So I need to do it through the language file.. 
I have pressed the "Reset Values" button and still no change. I am not sure this is what is required as the text next to the Reset button says "Reset variable badge data as input above". If this is the correct button, I would think it would say something like "Reset variable badge data to default". Either way, it is not updating the badge language. Thanks, Eddie
Q2A version: 1.8.8

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The button that is to be pressed to updated names from the language file is Reset Names, not Rest Values. This was not working either, but has been fixed with a new update by the plugin author. Apparently the plugin was not pointing to the language file (or something like that). The new update can be found on Github here Q2A Badges

This now works correctly.