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Hi, is there a way to output a link that links to all the users questions on question view page ??

For example in the question view page i want exactly below the user avatar to add this text


In the file qa-app-format there is this code:

'questions' => array(
                'label' => qa_lang_html('misc/nav_user_qs'),
                'url' => qa_path_html('user/'.$handle.'/questions'),

So i tried to use something like this code inside my qa-theme.php file to output the link i want :

$this->output('<div class="more-questions"><a href=" 'user/'.$handle.'/questions' ">SEE ALL QUESTIONS BY THIS USER</a></div>');

But it doesnt work!!!

What is wrong ???

Please Help
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Any Help ?? I just want to know the way to output an array in qa-theme.php
Where is link displayed? Popup? Inline?
Hi @sama55. Just inline.

Exactly below the avatar image. Or below this text ..." asked 19 hours ago in Themes by takesi "  

The q2a version is 1.6.3
I am doing same thing in FA2.
(1) Access http://askive.cmsbox.jp/demo/bm/users
(2) Hover mouse on any user handle
(3) Click "Questions" / "Answers" link in popup window
However, popup contents are displayed with Ajax. In other words, page performance is guaranteed by Ajax.
Currently Q2A does not set post count of users to array data for layer process. Therefore, changes is very difficult. If you do not mind display performance, you can deal in theme layer. But, I do not recommend it.
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@sama55 i dont want to use ajax, or popups in mouse hover. I just want to add as i wrote above this link text:

SEE ALL QUESTIONS BY THIS USER exactly under the avatar of the user asked a question.

And when someone clicks on that link then it will display all the questions from this user.

I want to add this link inside the file qa-theme.php

What is the right syntax to do that ? i tried a lot of thinkgs but doesnt works...

Thanks in advance
How can i retrieve the username of user that posted a question with $handle in the qa-theme file??

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