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The situation would be as follows.

  • An open forum setup. Everyone asks, everyone answers.
  • There is one or a small group of expert users.
    • If there is only one, this is probably a proxy expert that goes and fetches for the forum the expert answer. Kind of like a journalist would do.
The functionality would work like this:
  • Most voted questions (or by any other criteria) get expert attention and get one or several expert answers.
  • These answers are displayed directly below the question, above and separate from regular user answers.
    • They have a different look and feel too, as it is key for this feature that they have a different status.
    • They don't allow voting.
  • The question may remain opened allowing for further user activity or closed after the expert contribution.
Reviewing the current list of plugins I don't find one that allows a setup like this. Any hints or suggestions welcomed.
Otherwise, if this is a wanted feature I can work on it but I would ask mentoring from a core/plugin developer as my php is rusty at best ;)
Any comments welcome.
Q2A version: 1.7
Nice idea and you have made a plugin, that is even better... :)

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I've implemented a plugin to do this here:

Tell me what is the reason?

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class qa_featured_admin in /home/.../domains/.../public_html/voprosi/qa-plugin/q2a-featured-master/qa-featured-admin.php on line 2
Ok, it is fixed in master now. However, it is suffering from another bug so currently master is not working. I'll work in it in a couple of days.
Forgot to update: it is working now.