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How can we create a plugin to add CSS commands.

In so many problem and plugin I found that we should add some code to the theme css file qa-styles.css It is a long taking time to change the code and add to it.

So, I hope if there is a Plugin to change or add the CSS commands than it will be very helpful to so many users of Q2A.

Can anyone help me.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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You can add CSS in Admin > Layout in the "Custom HTML in <HEAD> section of every page" box. Note you need to put <style> before and </style> after the CSS.


P.S. if you were referring to my Markdown plugin, check the latest version as there is an option to include the CSS inline instead of you having to copy-paste manually.

thanks for your help. Its working fine but I want to add it only for my site theme and do not want to include in the mobile theme.
But my simply putting the <style> in the header goes on both the site and mobile theme.