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I have a Drupal website.

On that Drupal website, www.website.com for example, it will have:

a register/login/out section.

a search box.

user profiles with badges, levels, etc.

When a user registers on the main Drupal website, it should also register them to Q2A (www.website.com/qa) and PHPBB (www.website.com/forums).

When a user visits another user's profile, whether it be from a post on the forums, a question on the Q2A, or a blog post on the Drupal site, it should all lead to the same user profile. (i.e. www.website.com/user).

When a user searches in the search box, whether it be on PHPBB, Q2A, or Drupal, it should always go to the same page and show the results and content from all 3 platforms. (i.e. www.website.com/results).

How will I need to go about doing this?

Are Q2A, PHPBB, and Drupal capable of combining in this way? With such an in-depth amount of integration?

If not, what is the alternative?

Thank you!

+1.  Exactly same thing as what I'm looking to do but with wordpress instead of drupal
I would just like to be able to integrate with phpbb so that it would use the phpbb to register that would solve a lot of my problems I am having involving registering

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if someone would simply enhance the custom register so you have more tools and the ability to make what you put in mandatory you would not need this,,,