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I looked at the code.  It does not seem to use language files, like the rest of Q2A.  So if you want to change it to your own language, you can simply look at all the files, specially https://github.com/svivian/q2a-chat-room/blob/master/qa-chat.php and change the text to your own.

For example, change this:

echo "QA_AJAX_RESPONSE\n0\nYou are not allowed to post currently, sorry.";

I don't know if there are plans to make this multlingual.  If there is enough demand, I am sure Scott or someone else would.

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Hello, plugin author here :)

Translation is on my list to add to the plugin. But since I have no requirement for it personally I haven't found the time/inclination to do it yet.

I'd welcome a pull request on the GitHub repo if anyone wants to tackle it. Feel free to take a look at one of my other repos for pointers. Or you can pay me to do it :D

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nice page Scott and nice work in general ! For icons, is it possible to use Fonts ? I'm hacking your chat. I'm passing languages expressions to js with the javascript header lines insertion function. Is there a litest way to get it ? :)
What kind of icons? There are none in the plugin.
there is just a bullet in the users list. But I need small buttons for acceptations of new users in private rooms. Free images are a headache ; most of them are only rubbed images. Scott, I'll need your help to recompose process_request(). I tried minimal insertions without archi changes, but this function must be rewritten for readability ( after the hacks ). It would be nice that a not-user can access to private room with a code provided by his friends ( not in a public room ! ). On another hand, I'm new in php and my writing style is perhaps not appropriate ...