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The text in my answer is running to this topic is running off the right hand side of screen.

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I had this issue on my site- had to use horizontal-scroll on entry-content in CSS as this happened with some links, MathJax etc. and scroll is the only way I could ensure content is visible on all devices for the users.
Thanks.  MathJax is one thing, but simple text going off the right hand side is yet another thing.  Hope someone provides a fix.  Quite puzzling.  First time I saw it (here on this site).
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Because that particular part of the answer is wrapped within <pre> tag . Which have the below property by default 

white-spacepre ;

Thats why it does not wraps the text with in the parent and preserves all the white spaces .

You can read more about this property here - https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/w/whitespace/ 

Yes, in particular it's using the "Formatted" style in the editor. I edited the answer and changed it to "Normal". And clicked the "remove formatting" button (looks like "Tx").

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