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I'd like to develop an API for Q2A to support existing app we have, either with a private developer or through a kickstarter campaign, see link: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/47757/how-would-you-feel-about-kickstarter-q2a-plugin-development. I would be interested in hearings from users or developers what they would want include within the API.
I would support it.

Level 1:  Read only
Level 2:  Read-write (e.g. create posts, answers)
I see there is a webapp (in Android) for this and Q2A currently has good mobile themes. Is there any issue using webapp for Q2A?
Arjunsuresh. we want it be be avaiable off line ie. cached locally, hence why we want an API

We would be looking to go straight to level 2. i have listed out the obviously data types we'd like to GET and POST below. Any comments please let me know. Happy to discuss on a call if you wish.

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May be stupid- but why can't a webapp be cached? I'm trying for it- shall update you.

But I know a person working on the Android app which was developed by NoahY and contributed by me. You can have a look at it- currently it works okay with minimal features and allows only username login. Requires this plugin to be installed and permission given to registered users..

Here is a bit of extra information of the Architecture, we'd like to see
2.    JSON
3.    Documented
4.    API keys public and private
5.    6.    Ideally built as a plugin to Q2A rather than modifying core code
7.    Would consider break project into phases
8.    Assistant testing the API once built
@123456789  I pm'ed you a couple of times a week ago. Did you get it?
Even I'm interested. I know a person who is developing the android app. If interested we can contact her and tell the demand.

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