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I have just seen that you changed the old template with the new one (snow flat).

But it is really hard to read.

Compare yourself:

Ubuntu font:


Arial Font:


I hope you can do this soon :)

Q2A version: 1.7.1
Actually Ubuntu font is good. Its simple and doesn't pinch to eye, rest is up to you... :)

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I have to agree, Ubuntu looks good, but not very practical for reading texts.
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I believe the Ubuntu font was designed to be MORE readable than Arial and similar fonts.

Here's a few links that seem to agree:



Personally I find it more readable. Perhaps give it a few weeks and see if you get used to it.
I agree with the reason
I agree with this
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Since Q2A is 99% about text content, it is always good to use font-family which has better to readability. Ubuntu is one of those and available for free. This is why I used Ubuntu in SnowFlat.

I also not in favor to change with arial or similar. It will kill readability. If anyone want different font-family, they just have to change few lines of code and done.
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Ubuntu Font for me, I agree with other - it is more readable. Personally, Ubuntu font is one of my favorite.

Others should have their say though.