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I think it the webmaster has changed its color scheme but can you tell me which theme it is?

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This site is not running Q2A. This site is developed by an old developer of Q2A, but it is completely different software. Although that software is forked from Q2A but it is being developed independently based on PowerQA community. Basically it is not a theme of Q2A but a complete new paid Q&A software.
I was wondering... Can a paid software be built upon an open source script( its based on 1.7.1 according to their website). Does it not violate the open source licence???
They may have paid to Q2A developers and may have rights to sell it, Just a Guess =D

And yes Thanks Gurujyot singh for the reply :)
Actually Q2A is licensed under GNU General Public License 2 which gives liberty to users to change the script and share their version of script or even sell their changed script under their own name. And this all can be done without even telling the creator of original script, so basically nothing has been paid to Gideon (Q2A founder) but PowerQA just used the license to fork the project.
In addition to what Gurjyot said, any software based on GPL software must also be licensed under the GPL. It can be sold, but whoever buys it can then distribute it at no cost if they like.
Thank you @Scott, @Gurjyot for the explanation.  Powerq2a looks promising, it would be interesting to see what sama55 and other developers do with it.