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HI. I am trying to change the number of the questions displayed on a page when a user click on a tag.  I would like to increase the number of the questions that are tagged with the same tag on the page. In what file can i increase that number ?

PS i did read some similar questions here in the forum but the answers didnt solve the problem !
Q2A version: 1.6

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In Admin > Lists you can set the option

Questions on each tag page

Thanks @Scott but that didnt work for me. I solved the problem in the MysQL Database inside the qa-options table. I increased the number of tagged questions there. Now my problem is that it displays all the results in only one page because there arent pagination links on this  page. Instead of pagination there is the message: "To see more, click for the full list of Questions or popular tags" !!

How can i get rid off that message and display the paginations links 1..2..3 etc ?????

Thanks in advance.
You shouldn't ever need to edit the database manually, setting the option I mentioned in the Admin page will save it.

I'm not sure what your new problem is, can you post a screenshot? If you've increased the number of questions per page then you may not have an pagination because there aren't any more questions with that tag.