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I'm planning to make a plugin- free one - for Tag search. In fact I'm already using it on my site - just needs to make it professional to be released. If people are interested I can release it.

Feature: Provide tag to be input and searched similar to tag being inserted in Ask box.

Most of the code for this is taken from Q2A core only.
Q2A version: 1.7.0
Definitely make this plugin, it would be very useful to many of us. :)
It would be great if it has live search. I mean you could see the search results at the same time just like stackexchange websites.
And if you can do this for tags so you may be able to do it for searching users eighter.
Actually I'm using google custom search for my site.
For user search there is already a good free plugin by Kai.

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i m interested if you can create most popular search phrases plugin ..i want to be all words searched by users on website to indexed in sitemap.xml ... you can do this? i want this plugin.;..

are you referring to search in google or inside QA?
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Hy. i use your plugin , but why have this chinese words ?? how fix this and stop auto-search by robots, view here to many search by robots in CHINEse words and numbers. http://9follow.com/search-history
Hy..can fix the plugin? because search results show invalid character.. search query have a error.. See img screen https://ibb.co/mjpY3G   or see live plugin with search in right sidebar , you can see here: https://9yolo.com/
and this is search results error characters:   
ifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'" and "x"="y fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0' fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'2121121121212.1 fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0''" fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0''0=A reteta fructe si legume marea neagra filme online subtitrate gratis vaca fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0" and "x"="y fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0" and "x"="x fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=021211211212... fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0 fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0'" fifa 18'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0'0=A /**/cOnVeRt(int,(char(33)+char(126)+ch...
How can remove this invalid characters-> 'A=0.cfm?id='A=0'A=0" ?
Does this happen with non-English characters only? The plugin is tested only for English site.
i think error is caused by ID - 0  (guests visitors website who search words ...) ... because i try search with another character language and working... but sometimes results is invalid..