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I checked out in the Q2A directory and many have done good job with the theme customization.

why not sharing it with others? I sent feedback to 3 different sites asking if I can buy it for $40, its been 2 days but still no word. :)

I know $40 is not much, but hey... I dont need your background image, your logo, your color, etc.

Who wants to have identical site anyway!

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Check this one made it for me on http://ubuntufrage.de but changed color to green. :)

cool theme. But not work for me. I run on IE6 and Q2A1.4 (Firefox is OK)
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You should really give it a go yourself, css styling is very straightforward all it would take you is going through a few tutorials to get a good basic understanding.

Use a browser such as chrome and use the inspect element function to find which styles relat to which <div>'s and then alter accordingly, you can even alter elements directly in chrome temporarily to ensure you get the styling right when you place it in your theme file.

Just beware of older versions of IE when changing elements, plugins such as the facebook login I have had to alter their positioning for older versions of IE as they do not like lists which causes weird spacing There is lots of documentation online when it comes to IE issues