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hi all

you know we can identify user titles depends on their points. and in admin settings, we can show this title on question list after the user name.I want show this titles on profil page, after the username. For example:

civilengineer - Excellent Member

note: excellent member is te title which I give the users whose points is higher then 1000 etc..

how can İ do this ?
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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1. Edit your qa-theme/your-theme/qa-theme.php file

2. Navigate to this link: https://gist.github.com/pupi1985/bb43d2213a8ebd242156f061f696800d

3. Merge the initialize() function in your theme with the one in the link (assuming it already exists) or just add the whole function in case it doesn't

4. Add the displayUserTitleInProfileSectionTitle() to your theme

It should look like this:

Nice solution, someone can write this as a plugin. will be helpful to others.
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This can go into Q2A core, in admin panel keep option to show user title or not on user profile page.

or add new field on profile page.
Code is public. Anyone can create a plugin for this or create a pull request to the core (I think it won't be merged, though)
thanks. it will be good if any1 create a plugin or  if this will be a optipn in admin panel in q2a 1.8