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Hi guys,

I have 60+ questions on my website but it was rejected by Google adsense due to insufficient content. The topics are not long but they are meaningful. This is the website: http://bgexcel.info/. Can you please check and let me know what could be the issue? Thank you very much in advance!
How did you get approval?
I want to get too, the ban says it's inadequate content

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Open site in chrome. Do CTRL+SHIFT+J. You can get to console. Now, see Network. Load different pages on your site. It shows that most of the site contents are not cached like ckeditor.js and many image files. Google do care for caching- at least before it approves the site as good for adsense. Make the site content not only good, but also fast with maximum caching. If the site is on an Apache server, you simply need to enable caching for javascript and image files. Otherwise I see no issue for adsense approval.
Thank you very much! I will check this out.