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What are its main advantages?

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Question2answer use PHP and Mysql, shapado/osqa dont! I think they use ruby/phyton, im lazy to google!
Shapado uses Ruby and OSQA does use Python, yes.

I would be interested in which platform is developed better or updated more frequently.

Are there differences in speed or responsiveness?

Where can I find a list of high traffic sites that use the respective engines?

What other criteria should someone looking for a Q&A platform watch out for in general?

How bright is the future? You get the drift. ;)
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Q2A is being updated regularly and its good.

I don't think by using particular platform it will boost your website traffic. You must concern with your content and site niche you have passion about.

You can have the best platform and tools in the world but without good SEO and marketing skill, i think your site will not go anywhere. + good niche u're interested in!

My friend and I build 2 different blogs, we both use Wordpress platform, the same wp theme, the same plugins, the same niche! but he doesnt have the passion like I have. He just after the money.

1.5 year later, my blog brings 60,000 visitors aday while his blog still only 500 visitor aday!

How is that happen? u can guess

Im using Q2A for a week now, and i pretty much lovin it.
The question was not about traffic. It was about how the different platforms compare from a technical point of view. One point could be how they can handle traffic, i.e. will one become slower and break down, while the other can handle the load better?
I don't know about which one is slower or faster.
In my opinion, Q2a is pretty fast.

I chose q2a simply because it's written in php. I know zero about php but willing to learn this year. I like php cos it's popular and  Facebook, wiki, YouTube are written php.

If u know little or more about php, use q2a, if u know python/ruby use something else.
Hi sanit. Obviously you'll have to fully compare the platforms for yourself, but I can tell you that Q2A is very scalable, in that it is designed to handle millions of users and/or posts, by using appropriate database indexes and the like.
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Shapado is an open source question-answer system written in Ruby, Mongomapper and MongoDB.

Question2Answer  is a free, Open Source php Q&A system.

OSQA (Open Source Question and Answer) is an open source question-answer system written in Python with Django. The data layer relies on Mysql or Microsoft Sql Server. OSQA is licensed under GPL version 3 or later.

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Q2A uses PHP/MySQL a combination you can find almost in aby webhost.

While OSQA is also good, uses Django/Python as platform. (which is not as widespread, Althoug the Bitnami distribution seems to work fine. One thing I did not like about Django is that the Django_session table grows very large (which made impractical for me to host it on the free tier of heroku). Also there is no much development these days).  I like the OpenId loginm which look more polished than the one here in Q2A, also python looks like an easier language to start (if you have no php knowledge)