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As suggested on another question, we thought it would be a good idea to post about some of the newer features added to Q2A that will eventually be in v1.8. It's hard to keep up to date looking only at GitHub issues and commits. Plus it gives you guys a chance to help test out new features and report bugs. Note: v1.8 is not suitable for live, 'production' sites but you can try it on localhost. 

OK, on to some of the recently-added features:

  • Enable/disable plugins. This was developed by pupi1985 and allows plugins to be disabled individually (if the plugin allows it). We've had some teething issues in a few areas but I think we've got it working well!
  • Added Newest Users page. This is particularly useful for admins to keep a check on spam. Permissions have also been added for viewing the new users or special users pages.
  • Password reset flow improved. The number of steps has been cut down - instead of having to respond to two emails, only one is required.
  • JavaScript combined into one file. The JS is fairly limited so it made sense to use one file instead of many.
  • Prevent certain usernames. An option similar to censored words that prevents certain usernames (by default prevents "anonymous").

I've also just added a date/time column to the uservotes table to track when votes were made (could be used by plugins for spam checking or preventing undoing of votes). I'm also due to start work on comment voting when I can.

Also, to pre-empt the inevitable question: no, I don't have a release date for 1.8 yet sorry. I still have a few features to implement (comment voting and notifications) but hopefully it won't be too long now :)

@Scott, great! Let us know when you are done with feature, we can test for few days then release.

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Great , We are waiting v1.8  yes

Knowing that Q2A website when arrive a stage and receive huge traffic all images have to be disabled from the website

Because the website will be very slow and there is no solution to resolve it except disallowing the user to set their profile pictures .

the user that answered a lot of questions and his picture appears in these questions, these question pages will be slow 

Please try to resolve it if possible in v 1.8

Sorry I don't understand. Are you saying the avatars are causing slowdown on your site?
Your point is right. In my system, avatars are downloaded with lazy load. Due to lazy loading, the performance of the entire page does not change, but the perceived performance that people feel improves greatly. However, this is very difficult. My challenge is here.
Yes exactly , the user who answered thousands of questions his avatar will appears in these questions , the server will receive thousands of requests to  appears  the same image hence the website will be slow , I did disable all images and avatars from the website then it came back work smoothie .
One more solution. By separating image (avatar) handling server, it may be possible to reduce the load of the web (Q2A) server. There will be many obstacles to realizing this. But fortunately, the processing of Q2A's avatar is very well designed, so it may be relatively easy to realize. Anyway, since your site is so big, you will have to consider these load balancing for implement avatar.
@Aras where would thousands of requests come from? The avatar is only shown a few times on any page.
@sama55 I disallowed the users to set the image (avatar) and the issue resolved. with hope in the future versions the issue will be resolved .
@Scott there is an Indian company manage my hetzner.de server . the website faced an issue
they suggested me to disable event plugin then the issue resolved after that the website received more traffic and I faced the same issue which was (the website was loading slow) and they suggested to disable allowing set profile images and uploading images then the issue resolved again
So I can not enable event logger , notifications and setting images
knowing that the website receive about 600,000 page views daily