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I think that Q2A needs a good working plugin that will allow users to mention other users. I did check the Hashtagger plugin but in my opinion is missing some functions like user autocomplete and also i think that if anyone can implement this js plugin into Q2A Hashtagger plugin it would be awesome. Just take a look here: http://jakiestfu.github.io/Mention.js/ 

If anyone other is interesting please upvote and maybe Scott or Sama55 could create this plugin.

Q2A version: 1.7
My notification plugin has mention feature. However it's plugin do not have user autocomplete feature.  In that sense, it is interesting UI. But, Mention.js moves with static user array. Mention.js is not support Ajax. Practically, Ajax support is essential. If Mention.js supports Ajax in future, I might create user autocomplete plugin.
Hi @Sama55. Maybe you can use this jQuery plugin wich support Ajax as well. Plz take a look at this link:

It will not only improve the User Interface but also the User Experience. If you need help on the Design part i can help for sure.

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Yes, it's really important. @Sama55 , mentions for me in Your notifications plugin working like... "answer to user's question" - don't know why.

Maybe it's 1.7.4 issue , because plugin was made for 1.6 ?
Can You check this, please?

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What's the status? I need this "mention" plugin too. Is there way to get one? Thanks :)
30$? Is that some mistake? It's like 1/5 of salary in my country lol :D