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I have same database on server nothing change but i updated to 1,8 then it is showing everything blank

I put username and database name and password and rename the config file ..everything right

what I did wrong?

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You should never try upgrade on production site. First take a db backup and using that create site with new q2a version. Test and then make it production.

I tested q2a v1,8 and it is working fine for upgrade. it may be some other issue. How many plugins you are running on site. Disable all and then try enabling one by one.
I did that too
but not working
now i am learning how to setup website on localserver

can you test my database I can send you ?
I got it back
when i change to 1.7.4 then website is back
but..why i am not able to upgrade to 1.8 ?

can you tell me steps?
@ Zeeshan, its a lot of work. try yourself and let us know if you see any issue.  Do it step by step.
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Not sure if you have it sorted now, but if everything is blank it may be that your server config for errors is overriding Q2A's error handling. Try going to yoursite.com/install, you should be able to run the database upgrades for 1.8.
It was happening because of database table
I don't know what is called table or what but when I change the prefix from something to like qa_posts etc
And I don't know how 64 tables are there then I deleted them now only 32 tables are there