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hi all

how can i fix this install bug ? ty 

Question2Answer was unable to perform the installation query below. Please check the user in the config file has CREATE and ALTER permissions:

CREATE TABLE qa_users (userid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, created DATETIME NOT NULL, createip INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, email VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL, handle VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL, avatarblobid BIGINT UNSIGNED, avatarwidth SMALLINT UNSIGNED, avatarheight SMALLINT UNSIGNED, passsalt BINARY(16), passcheck BINARY(20), level TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, loggedin DATETIME NOT NULL, loginip INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, written DATETIME, writeip INT UNSIGNED, emailcode CHAR(8) CHARACTER SET ascii NOT NULL DEFAULT '', sessioncode CHAR(8) CHARACTER SET ascii NOT NULL DEFAULT '', sessionsource VARCHAR (16) CHARACTER SET ascii DEFAULT '', flags SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, wallposts MEDIUMINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, PRIMARY KEY (userid), KEY email (email), KEY handle (handle), KEY level (level), kEY created (created, level, flags)) ENGINE=InnoDB CHARSET=utf8

Error 1286: Unknown storage engine 'InnoDB'

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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It's not an install bug, there is a problem with your MySQL set up. You don't have InnoDB loaded for some reason.

If you have control of your server take a look here for how to enable it, otherwise contact your host.