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I assume many Q2A websites depends on advertisements to pay their expenses. Hiding ads as a paid service is a complement to that.
Q2A version: 1.7.5
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@Ronlaw How do you plan to take payment? Paypal?
The payment gateway doesn't have to be part of the plugin. After the payment is done the admin can upgrade the account.
But in Q2A, the next level should be "Expert". If this is done, then the simple Ad plugin by ProThoughts should work as it has an option for choosing user level for Ads.
Where is the option to restrict ads in Q2A Simple Ads according to user level? I didn't find it.
Nevermind. I see that you mean your fork has that feature. Pretty good. I'll be sure to upvote you if you post that as an answer.

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You can try this plugin but then you may need to elevate user level, be careful.


Thanks Arjun Suresh for adding new features!