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QUIZZ Plugin exists for QA?

Want a developer create this? Creating a quizz plugin same as buzzfeed , select and answer, vote selected , and more ..

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NoahY created Polls Plugin. It was updated five years ago. I don't know if it still works.

i see but  not working :D
if it works I use the surveys on my page
You Will need register ir hoy wanna see

This is they plugin ....https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-poll
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I need same plugin, paid offer available :)
I'm interested! please share more details + demo :)
Here is the Demo:-  http://whspr.epizy.com/demo/

Note: Email/Mobile verification is disabled in demo mode!

Admin Sign in Details:

User:- chirag
Password: demo
it's standalone script... I need plugin for q2a :)
Ok, will notify if we do that. Especially what you are looking for? Q2A question as Quiz Question?
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I am restructuring the q2apro sites. You find the description here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/53732/premium-plugin-quizx-transform-question2answer-real-engine

Here is a demo: https://www.mathegigant.de

If you like to purchase, drop me a message.
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i bought Your quizx plugin  without updates. i sent You message many times without answer... I need quiz like addition, not transform standard post questions . I need ability to post standard questions and quiz posts om same page :) I made some changes and it  working like this on my site now, but making quiz like one question per post is too complicated for my users :( I need ability to post many questions in ONE quiz post :)

After viewing demo, I saw You have much updated version of this plugin now with much better answering layout .  Can You send me this version, please?
What you are writing is not true.

1. "bought Your quizx plugin  without updates"
I did send you an update on 2016-07-01

2. "sent You message many times without answer"
I received a message on 2016-07-01 and answered the same day, next answer on 2016-07-18, your reply on 2016-07-18, my reply on 2016-07-25. Afterwards there were no other emails from you. Just a one-liner-PN from 2017-04-20, which I missed.

3. "I need ability to post standard questions and quiz posts om same page"
This is not possible as said clearly beforehand.

4. "ability to post many questions in ONE quiz post"
Not possible by design.

5. "updated version of this plugin"
I updated the version two months ago, internal update running for math sites. I can send you a copy if you like. However, it is math specific and I am not sure if it will work out of the box.
1. ok - maybe I missed something - sorry .
2. ok
3. I did this, it's working on my site, but I need ability to place more questions in ONE post
4. maybe as paid offer You could make some update ? or You don't know how to do this?
5. Yes, please :)