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I am offering a new free plugin to your usage at your q2a website. 

Plugin name: MyFavs Gyzgyn

Price: Free

How to download: https://github.com/ihlassovbetov/myfavs-gyzgyn

Here how it works:

  • 4 widget for favorites are offered
  • Admin can set how many items to show in each widgets. By default it is 10.
  • My Favorite Tags widget with unfavorite button in the widget
  • My Favorite Users widget with unfavorite button in the widget
  • My Favorite Categories widget with unfavorite button in the widget
  • My Favorite Questions widget with unfavorite button in the widget
Q2A version: q2a 1.7.5 customized
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Hi ihlassovbetov.. This looks to be a great plugin.. Can you please tell us ..how to favourite tags,users and categories? Thanks in advance..
favourite button exist on tags page, users page etc.

just click on specific tag to see the favourite button

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Thank you esqeudero.

is there ability to search for tags in the widget and add them to the favorite tags?

Here is an example of stackexchange sites:

and you can search and add tags within the widget:

No you cannot search tags within the plugin. Only remove favorited tags.
If you need tag search plugin refer to https://github.com/arjunsuresh/tag-search
I know about that plugin. I mean something like stackexchange sites. please look at the images I uploaded now.
dear fara. I myself do not prefer any other functionalities in that plugin. Because it will add more load on website performance. Extra DOMs, plus extra jqueries and js files, etc.  It is also time-consuming stuff.
But I made the plugin open-source so if you want further functionalities then you may give a try to do it by yourself.  Or alternatively, you may ask for paid developers.
I was just explaining the new idea for q2a plugin development as you asked before. Thank you for your great work.
no problem fara. thanks for ideas.